Kyle Gansel

Branch Manager and National Director of Service and ITM

Value Delivered

Kyle holds leadership positions not only with Harroun Fire Protection, but also with Shambaugh, of which we are a division. 

As Branch Manager of Harroun’s Kalamazoo location, Kyle oversees day-to-day operations as well as sales, design, engineering, and project management from start to final installation. He works to anticipate the location’s future needs and to communicate effectively with our team in an effort to achieve innovative solutions, attentive project management, and responsive service.

Additionally, Kyle also serves as National Director of Service and Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) for Shambaugh’s National Fire Protection Group. In this capacity, he helps facilitate the service and inspection programs for ourselves, Dalmatian Fire, and Northstar Fire Protection. 

Kyle’s team offers consulting, value engineering, and preventative maintenance services aimed at extending system lifespans and ensuring operational excellence. These efforts help the Fire Protection Group retain a large volume of business with repeat customers.


Kyle has spent the entirety of his 20-year career in the fire protection industry with Shambaugh or one of its divisions. He has held multiple roles including Project Designer, Operations Coordinator, and Design Manager as well as sales positions.

After transitioning to our ITM group, Kyle worked his way up from Service Manager to his current roles. His expertise covers not only the service dimension of our business, but the entirety of the fire protection market from design to installation and more. 

Kyle also sits on the Architectural and Construction Committee for the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency and is an active participant in the Southwest Michigan First Chamber.

Personal Side

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife and three children on the water or at their summer cottage. He is an avid skier and passionate musician.